Girton Town Charity


Educational Grants

1 Jun 2018

Girton Town Charity Educational Grant Scheme is open to young people over 18 leaving secondary education for higher education or training.

You must have lived in Girton for a minimum period of two years immediately before leaving secondary education and be a Girton resident at the date of the claim. So what type of courses are covered?


The further course being taken should normally lead to a formal examination either at degree level or NVQ Level 4 (although suitable apprenticeships might lead to Level 3). It also includes studying for a Master's degree or further qualification immediately following a first degree.

The Scheme is intended to help with buying books, equipment, tools or other direct costs relevant to the course. It is NOT for covering everyday living expenses or tuition fees.

The Grant, currently a maximum of £275 per year for each of the first four years of any course, can only be claimed against actual expenditure at the end of the Autumn term and/or the end of the Summer term.

How to apply

Applicants must complete the appropriate form (available from the GTC office) and all claims must be supported by proof of identity, residence and receipts for expenditure.

Mature students who do not fit the criteria for this Scheme and are finding it difficult to fund their studies should make an application for assistance with their educational expenses through the Charity's procedures for grants for need.

For more information on the Educational Grant Scheme or any of the Schemes offered by GTC, please telephone 01223 276008.